Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar

Internationaler FRANZ LISZT Klavierwettbewerb Weimar-Bayreuth

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Transfer of broadcasting rights (1)

The host of the competition, the Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar, intends to record the auditions of the second round (November 2 and 3, 2021) and the semifinal (November 4, 2021) as well as the final concert on November 7, 2021 at ZENTRUM Bayreuth. This will be broadcasted via live stream on the websites of the Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar. These recordings will also be available after the competition as part of an online archive on the websites of the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar as well as on it’s youtube platform (www.youtube.de) and Social Media channels (facebook, Instagram). 

The participant grants the organiser, without time or geographical restraints for the duration of the statutory copyright protection, all rights with regards to his/her performance within the competition, incurred or acquired, or proprietary and exploitation rights to be acquired, for non-commercial purposes. Included in particular is the right to record the above-mentioned competition rounds and the concert on video and/or sound recordings for public access for: 

•    the internal use for training purposes and the corresponding digital archiving
•    the right to make the direct and delayed rendition available on the websites of the Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar www.hfm-weimar.de
•    the right to upload the direct and delayed rendition on video platforms (i.e. www.youtube.de, facebook, instagram) 
•    the possibility to download from the competition website (for a special time) 
•    the recording and reproduction rights in the form of image and/or sound for own use and for distribution for the purpose of advertising the Hochschule

The abovementioned rights include the use and exploitation of the recordings in complete or extracted form, as well as an indefinite number of unedited or edited versions, assuming no adverse effect on the performance.
The rights mentioned previously cover the use and exploitation of the recording both in its entirety and as excerpts in any duration regardless as to raw or edited footage as long as the artistic quality has not been affected.
These rights will be granted as non-exclusive rights without the Hochschule being obligated to any utilisation. The competitor has no entitlement to making the sound or video in any amount publicly available.
The competitor insures that they will comply with the previously mentioned rights and releases the event organiser of any third party claims.
The participant agrees to the aforementioned rights according to their nature and extent, and releases the organiser from third party claims.

The transfer of the previously mentioned utilisation and exploitation rights is made without cost.
Once the competition has ended the competitor will have the possibility of downloading the recordings of their performances within a period of 3 weeks. The free of charge use of these recordings is limited to non-commercial purposes such as applications and self-promotion. The requirement for obtaining the appropriate rights (even if subject to charge) needed from other performers/contributors (orchestra, accompanist) remains unaffected by this document. Any further uses will require a separate agreement with the Hochschule